[permaculture] Wanna toy with a chicken coop/duck run/ veg gardendesign?

Scott Hitchins ScottH at wcig.org.au
Mon Aug 19 00:00:30 EDT 2002

I'm rather enjoying This discussion.  My two-cents worth:

1.I've had moderate success keeping slugs and snails out of garden beds by wrapping strands of bare copper wire around the bed.  This acts as an un-powered electric fence for the slimers: For them, its like licking a battery with their whole body.  I found the wire fairly easy to strip out of old power cables and extension cords. ( any thoughts regarding copper verdigris contaminating soil?[although, there's very little of it.]).
2. I've always found beer to be effective against slugs and snails. This works in one of two ways:
    A)Sink margarine/yogurt/etc. containers to soil level and half fill with beer; If you empty it daily, the ducks will love                  the meaty brew.
    B) Alternatively, you can drink the beer until you no-longer give a damn about the slugs !

3. You may need some movable 'paving' to get through the mud of each section: How about some duck-boards (pun intended) to spread the weight without compacting the soil i.e. sections of plank to lay across the mud.
4. If you house chickens and ducks together, you will have a near-impossible task, keeping floors dry and water drinkable; the ducks being the problem in both cases.
5. Ducks must have water deep enough, at least, to get their heads underwater.  Perhaps set up your small pond in an elevated spot to facilitate draining all that nutrient-rich water to a useful spot.

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