[permaculture] Wanna toy with a chicken coop/duck run/ veg gardendesign?

Ute Bohnsack sustag at eircom.net
Sun Aug 18 05:39:27 EDT 2002

Dear Mark,
I wanted to thank you for those detailed comments, ideas and
suggestions. I always read your posts with great interest. (also, they
always bring back fond memories of beautiful Madison and Wisconsin). 
What I'll do is integrate your comments into said page at
http://www.ibiblio.org/permaculture-online/ideas.html with additional
comments and thoughts of mine as the discussion process goes on. I've
been caught up with a big job over the past few days and remain so for
another 4 days so it'll be a while. Bear with me.
Thanks again. 


ps interesting article dealing i.a. with round barns by your colleague
William Tischler @ Landscape Architecture, UW-Madison 

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