[permaculture] Pasture Renovation and Fertility

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Thu Aug 15 14:05:55 EDT 2002

FranksFarm at aol.com wrote:

> Robyn...those ponds are fed by surface water only , and are now used by beef 
> cattle for water, cooling dip etc.
> They are brownish colored, soup. I really want to fence them off ...water 
> cattle from troughs etc. I'd love to see bluish green color, a little clarity 
> in water. Any ideas?

Aquaculture. Aquatic plants will clear the water in a relatively short 
time; water lilly, water hyacinth will do it quick, also azolla, 
anacharis (very common and may be hardy in zone 6, the others aren't). 
Goldfish or carp to eat the algae. Establish a shallow area and plant 
cattails. You can harvest the pond weed for mulch or compost.
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