[permaculture] Exotic Plant Eradication - Holmgren

Claude Genest genest at together.net
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One man's weed is another man's savior ( like the red clover of Vt. I
mentioned).... Dismissing all exotics as mere "weeds" sounds like the modern
geneticist who dismisses 95 % of our genetic code just because they can't
see what it does (the tonsils/appendix of our day).

 Until one knows what role the "invader" is playing ecologically, then to
try and eradicate them just because they're out-competing natives seems like
a knee-jerk "gotta do SOMETHING" reaction.

 Besides, if they're out-competing natives, it's likely because the
conditions in which the natives thrived have been altered, and guess who
altered them ?
Like the Zen Master says "don't just do something, sit there !"

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>> Anyway, for another perspective on the debate, check out the Holmgren
>> article I attached - he talks of "ecosynthesis" - very interesting and very
>> much in keeping with the Gaia theory ( not that we shouldn't and indeed
>> mustn't sometimes chop and drop Mark, just that we should observe the hell
>> out of it first - for more on that perspaective, please read Mollison's
>> inspiration - Mansanobu Fukuoka's "One Straw Revolution" - Nature really is
>> much smarter than us you know...)
>> Claude Genest
> I do not doubt that given time to adapt to new species invasion most
> landscapes can reach a good equilibrium.  However the current situation
> where the pesky monkey people move dozens of new species into the ecosystem
> and then provide boats, farm machinery, fish hatchery, botanical gardens
> etc to spread them around is simply overwhelming the potential for
> adapting.  Like all weed management there is a place for restraint, but
> there is no where near enough effort being made to intervene in places
> where the situation is clear.  Small invasions are tolerated until they
> balloon into massive problems. I have seen it many times.  Ya'll don't have
> to be chain saw wielders if you don't want to, your all free people, I'm a
> libertarian, do what you will.  Don't expect me to just let pass this
> balderdash that weeds aren't really a problem.
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