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Yeesh - scary thought indeed Robyn. And think of Poor Percy Shmeiser, the
gentle Canadian farmer who's in a battle royal with Monsanto for "stealing
their copyright" when in fact some of their superweeds infiltrated his
ditches....he got found out because Monsano literally employs Pinkerton
detectives to patrol for this kind of occurence !
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Anyway, for another perspective on the debate, check out the Holmgren
article I attached - he talks of "ecosynthesis" - very interesting and very
much in keeping with the Gaia theory ( not that we shouldn't and indeed
mustn't sometimes chop and drop Mark, just that we should observe the hell
out of it first - for more on that perspaective, please read Mollison's
inspiration - Mansanobu Fukuoka's "One Straw Revolution" - Nature really is
much smarter than us you know...)

Claude Genest

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> Been watching this thread (a popluar topic, exotic weeds, keeps on coming
> round) and haven't noticed any mention of the new generation of
> superweeds that are already beginning to emerge from GM crops like
> canola/rape with the herbicide resistant gene... any one have any idea of
> the long term implications of these - will probably make all our other
> weed gripes fade into relative insignificance.
> Robyn
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