[permaculture] Pasture Renovation and Fertility

John Schinnerer eco_living at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 13 02:19:24 EDT 2002


> This is still how a lot of beef is raised, but this system relys on
> feed 
> lots to make tender beef.  Better management will allow faster growth
> on 
> grass/clover pasture alone for good beef quality.

Huh?  What feed lot?  Grandpa didn't have no feed lot.  Got great beef
though (if you like that sort of thing ;-). Way better than anything
from the supermarket.

In other words, I don't follow your comment about feedlots, unless you
mean his sort of casual grazing is too low-density to meet
mass-marketed beef volumes - so feedlots are what exist to supply the
mass market...?

To me it's like power generation, 'consumer products', etc. etc. -
there's way too much of a whole lot of stuff being produced (this goes
way back in history, it's not a new happening), so why figure out more
ways to overproduce more stuff (like beef, in this case)?

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