[permaculture] Gopher control

John Schinnerer eco_living at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 10 02:16:46 EDT 2002


> I have absolutely no qualms about "relocating" them to the
> gopher afterlife, sorry John, by any means that doesn't imperil other
> species in the vicinity.

I hear ya - she's willing to do that too as a last resort, was looking
at traps the other day...

> He also claims that putting human hair in
> the tunnels will make gophers go away.

I've heard this about keeping rats out/away/etc.  Tried it around a
compost pile once but results were inconclusive since I wasn't out all
night waiting to see if rats were still coming around...didn't see as
much sign of disturbance, at least.

> I don't agree with his recommendations for the battery- or
> wind-powered "gopher stakes."

Yeah, she already took back the electric gopher stake for the
money-back guarantee, after trying it for three months with zero
success (unless of course they would have eaten everything up even
faster without it... :-p)

thanks all, more ideas welcome...

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