[permaculture] Pasture Renovation and Fertility

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Fri Aug 9 06:50:31 EDT 2002

In there for the long haul hey :)
You'll need to do some serious prioritising and develop strategies for 
bite by bite incremental change - what small efforts will yield the 
greatest positive changes....
The main thing with biting off more than one can chew is to avoid choking!
Start from areas of strength and consildate here so you feel good about 
acheiving stuff and see how problem areas/issues can be stabilised with 
minimum effort so they don't get any worse. Then when there's surplus 
energy you can tackle the stuff in between.....
all the best

>Good day Robyn et al:)
>    Robyn...great post. Really hits the nail on the head!
>I now realize I have bitten off more than I can chew.
>So it just means I have to go a lot slower:)
>Seriously I bought THIS land because it was very private, away from 
>development, no neighbors within site but close enough. I looked at a lot of 
>farms, areas of US...so I had a good feel for the type of property I wanted.
>But you know once you have looked, and looked, and looked some more. And 
>traveled 1000s of miles in the process there comes a point in time that you 
>get so tired, and frustrated that you just go for it!
>I really love this land. And it is set in a beautiful area of southern 
>Kentucky consisting primarily of small farms, cattle, tobacco and lots of 
>forested hillsides to delight the eye.
>Wish I could take you through it. There's a great deal of biodiversity. But 
>alas I still can't ID much of it.
> I believe it would make a great ECO-Village or some sort of PC/Sustainable 
>Living Center. I want to preserve and enhance this farm. Large tracts like 
>this are fast disappearing, and seldom at any given time.
> All it needs is the right people with the vision, and the ability to make 
>Lots of folks have expressed an interest in doing same...but making the leap 
>is the hard part:) If anyone is interested please contact me at 
>gcreekfarm at aol.com.
>Cheerio:)  Frank

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