[permaculture] re: pasture renovation

Martha Boyd maboydm at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 8 18:38:54 EDT 2002

What a challenge!  Even better than WWOOFers, how about sponsoring a series 
of those boot camp ordeals for hardcore urban fitness maniacs?  they're not 
even looking for an educational experience!!  I remember reading about the 
olympic gymnastic team working out by pushing cars up hills, maybe they're 
I am always baffled when hiking in new england in what seems like the old 
old woods and encountering mile after mile of stone walls built of 
gargantuan boulders 300 years ago. talk about motivated folks.

Re: machinery, dragging things--I don't know enough to guess, but do you 
have draft-horse experience (or neighbors who do) and would that be a good 
compromise method?  what about temp use of a bobcat?

Mark has the better technical advice, but I will be glad to root you on and 
look forward to updates on your progress--

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