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Kirby Fry wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> My first suggestion is to get a hold of, "Fertility Pastures," by Newman
> Turner.  This is an excellent book that Mollison recommends for ranchers.
> It discusses resting your paddocks and putting them into cover crop
> production, or leys as Turner calls them.  The leys are rich in clover and
> other forbes that are essential for making minerals and micro nutrients
> available to the livestock and soil.  He also uses lots of high quality
> silage mad from the leys.

I have a copy:

Fertility Pastures
"Herbal Leys as the basis of soil fertility and animal health"
Newman Turner
1940 Faber & Faber Ltd., London
Fertility Farming

to read excerpted chapters online

Bookfinder turned up no copies of FP.

> The book has been reprinted by Bargyla Rateaver in San Francisco, CA.  As
> well she recommends "Gold in the Grass," another out of print book that she
> has reprinted.  We have both books in our library.

Margaret F. Leatherbarrow
Gold in the Grass
The story of the author and her husband, just back from the War, who got 
a V. L. A. loan back in 1946 to buy a weed-infested farm and eventually 
turned it into the legendary Friendship Farm.

There are 10 copies of the original edition listed at Bookfinder.

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