peripatetic permie peacenik pronouncement

Nick Routledge fellowservant at
Fri Sep 28 19:13:56 EDT 2001

My first posting to the list, so greeting's y'all, wherever you are.

I hang with Food Not Lawns, an avant-gardening collective outta Eugene,
Oregon. I'm headed overland to Georgia in November for the annual School
of the Americas vigil at Fort Benning ( Currently, my fellow
travellers and I are sounding out the possibility of sharing with other
peacemakers along our route. I've put up a web page going into more
details about who we are and what we're about. It's at:

Currently, we're seeking opportunities to rendezvous with others along a
path carrying us down the west coast and through the southern states and
back again (the route outlined on that web page is changing as I type, so
we're flexible on changes of course). We're working all sortsa angles in
terms of arranging places to gig and stay.

Why the particular interest in this list? Though I'm travelling with the
SOA protest crowd, my own schtick speaks not so much to the SOA, but to a
world beyond war, to the subject of what Joe Hollis calls "paradise
gardening." ( has more factoids and some pretty
piccies - more within the next week or so.) At this juncture, it appears
that most of the gigs we're arranging will be with the non-permie literate
- which is fine: no point preaching to the choir, eh? The basic premise
I'm dropping on them is that one of the more effective ways of assisting
the ancien regime's transformation is to proactively work toward
fashioning the vision the other side of protest -  the phoenix arising
from the ashes, ya might say. I'm gonna be singing the permie song, in
other words. Among other things, I hope to carry seed to help spread the
kindness around.

Perhaps some of you in those states along our route have some ideas about
how we might leverage our presence to further the permie cause, whether in
terms of pointers to people and locations to rendez-vous with. Or, once
we've got some gigs confirmed, perhaps some of you might be interested in
joining me to tag-team a local audience who, tho' not yet hip to the
permie trip, are ripe for signup. We've got a compelling tale to tell, I
sense, and with some seed to share, and maybe more to come, some practical
resources to blend into the mix.

Phew. A leetle long-winded, but there ya go.


"Give the cops and criminals a shovel and a thousand seedlings." - Cedric

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