Neal Kinsey soil fertility seminar, November 12-16, 2001

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Wed Sep 26 13:23:12 EDT 2001

Forwarding this seminar announcement with Neal Kinsey, teaching the 
Albrecht soil fertility system ... 

Steve Diver  

Kinsey Agricultural Services, Inc. presents: 
"Building Fertility for Sustainable Soil Quality"

5-Day Introductory Soil Fertility Workshop with Neal Kinsey
November 12-16, 2001
Valley Center, California

Whether you are growing citrus, nuts and/or other tree crops, corn,
cotton, vegetables, grapes, herbs, alfalfa, pasture, or lawn and
landscape plants, soil quality should be of serious concern. 

How do you know if you have it? And if not, what can you do to 
attain it? This intensive and practical short course will give the 
soil fertility keys needed to provide the utmost success toward 
building and sustaining soil quality, by strengthening soil fertility 
and the plants being grown there. Participants from all over the 
world have rated this workshop "Excellent".

Day 1 - Soil Balance, Soil Testing, and Analysis
Day 2 - Calcium and Magnesium Relationships. Compaction 
and Root Growth 
Day 3 - Fertilization with Manure & / or NPKS. Advantages 
and Pitfalls of Compost 
Day 4 - Analyzing and Utilizing Trace Elements for Problem 
Day 5 - Microbial and Plant Nutrient Relationships. Guidelines 
for Biological Amendments

BEFORE October 1, $750, after October 1, $895

Includes homemade gourmet luncheons and continental breakfast.

For full details, contact: 
Brenda Roberts 
The Center for Living in Harmony
Phone: 760-749-9634
Fax: 760-749-0720
E-mail: info at

Or see our web site,, for more information on 
this and other scheduled meetings, as well as other information about 
our programs. 

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