Permaculture Action Learning Online forum & noticeboard

Graham Burnett gb0063551 at
Mon Sep 24 17:10:24 EDT 2001

Hi just a quick post to announce that I've created an online forum which I
hope will be a useful resource for those working towards the Permaculture
Diploma (especially in the UK- not to be parochial but I don't want to
'tread on the toes' of any similar such support resources which may already
exist in other parts of the world- though if such resources do exist please
exchange links!), or are otherwise involved in permaculture teaching or

Things are quite basic at the moment, but hopefully this will be a useful
resource for the PC 'learning community', having a slightly different role
and function from the existing online permaculture newsgroup and email

Visit at



PS. Please publicise to anybody who you think might be interested, thanks!

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