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Dear friends,
We'll appreciatte if you can help us in the difussion of this educational programs that we offer in the Argentinean Permaculture Institute, thanks!


Silvia Balado
Instituto Argentino de Permacultura
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"Learning through a hands on experience"

Who can participate?
Everyone willing to live and learn from a intense experience, but especially address to:

  a.. students that are looking for the practical experience and skills on sustainability that the University can not offer 
  b.. youth and adults that want to acquire sustainability tools for their personal interest, or to start a sustainable project in their region 
  c.. those who want to experience for a while a different lifestyle in contact with nature, in a simple and sustainable environment 
  d.. those who want to learn Spanish in a different context, while learning other sustainable skills
The Programs

  a.. Learning and exploring sustainable life principles (15 days) 
  b.. Willing worker on Permaculture (1 month) 
  c.. Advance training on Permaculture Design 

 "Learning and exploring sustainable life principles"
from 1st to 15th november 2001

This is a basic program for 15 days, were the participant lives Permaculture in every day activities.
During this time the student may learn Permaculture principles, and would acquire basic skills and knowledge that would be very useful for their further life projects. 

The program is based on the research activities applied on our daily life and experience and would be supported by the study of the diverse material. Gaia has an actualized library on sustainable related issues, most of the material is in English.

During the program there will be plenty of opportunities to see Permaculture living systems in different development stages, and you may be actively involved in this process and work. 

For the foreign participants, it would be a great opportunity to practice Spanish on a daily basis, and to learn the social and cultural Argentine context as well.

Some of the topics we would learn and practice together will be:

  a.. Permaculture principles and ethics 
  b.. Design strategies 
  c.. Forest Garden 
  d.. Windbreaks 
  e.. Greenhouse 
  f.. Seed saving 
  g.. Ponds construction and maintenance 
  h.. Natural building 
  i.. Appropriate technologies 
  j.. Grey water systems/ dry compost toilets 
  k.. Wind energy systems 
  l.. Alternative economies 
  m.. Natural cooking 
  n.. Group dynamics. Consensus decision making 
Organized activities during 6 days a week (with one optional free week-end )

  a.. Theory (research, presentations, exchange circles) 
  b.. Hands on learning (in different Permaculture areas) 
  c.. Community work collaboration (cook, cleaning, maintenance)

Cost: US$300

For those who have finished successfully this program and may be willing to stay longer, and deep the experience we offer,

"Willing worker on Permaculture (1 month)"

This program is address to those who have finished program 1 or 2, and want to stay to share the experience for a longer period, while they continue helping in different areas of the Ecovillage project. 

Also open for foreign participants that already had Permaculture background and practice.

The Volunteer work will be in exchange for your accomodation. You'll have to pay for your food (us$5 per day).

Organized activities for 5 days a week

  a.. Volunteer work in different Permaculture areas (4hs a day) 
  b.. Community work collaboration (cook, cleaning, maintenance) 

"Advance training on Permaculture Design "


"Permaculture Certificate Design Course" with Peter Bane & Gustavo Ramirez
16 Feb to 1 march 2002
Gaia Ecovillage Project
Argentinean Permaculture Institute
Asociación GAIA

"Permaculture Advance Course - Ecovillage Design" with Peter Bane & Gustavo Ramirez
8 to 13 march 2002
Gaia Ecovillage Project
Argentinean Permaculture Institute
Asociación GAIA

Peter Bane - from Earthaven Ecovillage, USA - Permaculture Activist editor

Gustavo Ramirez - from Gaia Ecovillage Project, Argentina - 


Argentinean Permaculture Institute -

Postal Address: Almafuerte 1732 - (1650) San Martin - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Phone (+542272) 492072
Fax (+(5411) 47522197
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