List of Tentative Booksigning/Slide Show for Toby Hemenway Author Gaia's Garden Events in California

Wesley Roe and Marjorie Lakin Erickson lakinroe at
Tue Sep 18 04:18:25 EDT 2001

Hi everyone
	my name is wesley roe and I am an organizer for The South Coast
Permaculture Guild here in Southern Ca. We are loosely organized guild
with sister guilds in San Luis Obsipo, Santa Barbara, Ojai, and San Diego
with other groups like LA Ecovillage associate with us. We have a monthly
email newsletter for the entire region and we help support , distribute
and are regoinal editors for Hopedance Magazine which is
involved in publizing all our events and now has page devoted to listing
Permaculture Courses. We have spent the last four years building up our
regional guilds and offering Permaculture Courses for our area.
       We share programs throughout our region. We are proud to have Toby
Hemenway author of Gaia's Garden a Guide to Home Scale Permaculture agree
to do a book tour and slide show in Southern California.
Magazine,South Coast Permaculture Guild, Hopedance Magazine, LaEcovillage
and all our sister guilds

The first book to locate Permaculture in the American Landscape
Activist Editor Toby Hemenway has assembled a practical and user friendly
guide to backyard permaculture. Skillfully written and full of examples
from the foremost permaculture gardens across the country, the text
introduces permaculture principles at work, explaining the basics of this
ingenious language of design. Chapters cover Soil, Water Management, and
Choice of Plants, as well as more advanced subjects as Interplanting,
Guilds, Forest Gardens and Garden Evolution. Drawing on a wealth of
Permaculture Lessons and Lore, the author documents the dramatic successes
of ordinary men and women in bringing barren landscapes to life and in
doing so, he swings wide the permaculture gate for all garden lovers to

List of Tentative Booksigning/Slide Show for Gaia's Garden Events in
Oct 22 Mon. Santa Cruz contact Vince Pastori Santa Cruz Permaculture
831/763-3848 permasc at
Oct 23 Tues. San Luis Obispo Grange Hall in the evening 
contact Rob Kimmel CCPerm.Guild zigge at 805-438-5745 and Hopedance
hopedance at aol
Oct 25 Thurs.Santa Barbara Faulkner Gallery 7pm contact SBPermNet Margie
Bushman sbpcnet at 805-962-2571
Oct 26 Fri Ojai  Local Hero Bookstore Evening 7-8pm contact Ojai
Permaculture Guild: Dave White artdetour at 805-646-9809
Oct 27 Sat or Sun 28 San Diego contact San Diego Permaculture Center:
sdecc at (619) 298-8879
Oct 28 Sunday morning Claremont Farmers Market (maybe/)
Oct 29 Mon Laguna Beach contact Pc Institute of Southern Cal: Bill Roley
DrRoley at 949-494-5843
Oct 30 Tues LA Ecovillage Evening contact Lois Arkin crsp at
Oct 31 Wed LAEcovillage contact Lois Arkin crsp at 213/738-1254 A
Half Day Forest/ Garden Workshop with Toby Hemenway (Tentative)

This Book Signing Tour is Being Organized by the Santa Barbara
Permaculture Guild for South Coast Permaculture Guild
Please contact us at sbpcnet at 805-962-2571 for general questions
, thanks again for support of Hopedance

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