teacher registration

georg parlow georg at websuxxess.com
Tue Sep 11 06:01:34 EDT 2001

hi toby:

> I'd be curious to know if there are permaculture teachers on this list who
> have gone through the teacher registration process at the Permaculture
> Institute, and what that process was like. Particularly, if anyone had
> curriculum rejected and then was able to revise it to gain approval, I'd

joe polaischer from new zwaland recently did a few courses here in austria,
and he told the following story:

he sent his curriculum in to get approval, and didnt get any reply
whatsoever. so when it got close to the time he had to leave for europe (and
wanted the approved certificates with him), he visited bill on his way to
europe. being told, that it wasnt approved because not the entire designers
manual was taught. so he spent the night redoing it, putting the index of
the maual next to the time-schedule, this time he got approval and the
desired forms and left for austria. (where he tried to sell the idea, that
this is the way to go - to lie to good ol bill, because joe knew perfectly
well and even said so, that it isnt possible to actually teach it. lots of
people got quite confused...). if you would like to contact joe directly i
propably can round up his email adress from the people who organized the


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