Permaculture Institute outlines case for trademarking

Ian Lillington ianl at
Sun Sep 9 08:33:43 EDT 2001

Dear Russ

Thanks for outlining the arguments succinctly on the web-site.

I am not convinced by the Mollisons' case (as put by Nina).  It sounds
reasonable at first, but doesn't ring true with the experiences of Robyn F, Toby
H, Scott P etc.

I feel we can, and must, seek a win-win resolution - ie. permaculture
practitioners could agree to the trademarking, as a 'defensive' measure, but the
'policing' of  this 'ownership' could not rest solely in the hands of the
Institute.  Rather, it would need to reflect a wider base of Permaculture
practitioners, and would need a more flexible approach to the curriculum

It would be helpful if the Institute could be represented at the Nimbin
gathering in October - as it sems to me that only carefully facilitated
negotiations can bring about this 'win-win' situation.


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