[Fwd: Scythe Supply]

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 6 16:21:55 EDT 2001

European scythes are way better than American ones. Here's a source from
Maine worth checking out.

Elliot Fishbein wrote:

> Here's a link that may interest you.
> Scythe Supply (http://www.scythesupply.com/) specializes in the European
> style scythe.
> They are the web's most comprehensive resource for this tool. Their
> selection of blades, snaths, sharpening equipment and accessories is
> unique and they offer instruction and information.
> Enthusiastic scythe users created this web site to encourage and support
> others in discovering this very efficient human powered tool.
> Enjoy mowing without  gasoline.
> --
> elliot fishbein
> http://www.scythesupply.com/
> 207 853-4750 Maine,USA
> info at scythesupply.com

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