Runner Bean Wine??

Loren Davidson loren at
Sat Sep 1 09:19:31 EDT 2001

At 10:22 AM 9/1/01 +0100, Graham Burnett wrote:
>Anybody got a recipe for runner bean wine? My abundantly producing runner bean
>plants on the allotment didn't get attention for 10 days or so, and now 
>their are
>lots of beans that are too tough & stringy for culinary use....

I don't know about bean wine...but I have two suggestions:

1)  Let the beans dry the rest of the way out, shell them, and cook them as 
any other dried bean - any vegetarian cookbook will tell you how to do 
that, including soaking them for a while before cooking.

2)  If you end up with more dried beans than you can use for seed, share 
the surplus so that others can grow their own beans.  I've been giving away 
lots of runner beans lately myself.

The main challenge I see in attempting to use them for wine is that they 
probably don't have a lot of sugar in them, which is essential to 
fermentation.  You could attempt to malt the beans in some way, to convert 
starches to fermentable sugars...but that seems like the long way around to me.

Just a couple of thoughts,


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