how to think about rubble

John Schinnerer eco_living at
Tue Oct 30 03:59:32 EST 2001

> Try as I might, I am unable to think of the endless pieces of broken
> glass in positive & creative ways  

If it were me, I'd just slowly expand into the space, bit by bit,
perhaps from different starting points, cleaning/salvaging as I went. 
I'd take it in small manageable chunks, so that I didn't often come
back to this thought:

> ...  its unconceivable that it would ever
> all be removed...

...triggered by contemplating the whole area at once; and eventually it
would be all converted...this is part of how I approach assorted
invasives on my Hawai'i land.  If I try and "solve" all the "trouble
spots" at once I overwhelm myself, but if I just deal with a bit at a
time and don't burn myself out on it I find I get quite a lot done
without the mental stress of overwhelm.

best wishes,

John Schinnerer, MA
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