Fave hoax/scam info site & other anti-spam resources

John Schinnerer eco_living at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 24 04:17:11 EDT 2001


I wonder, do 10+ messages to the list about an old old hoax count as
spam?  Ooops, make that 11+...;-)

Here's the scoop on this one:


IMO, snopes.com is *the* place to go and check whatever out before
wasting any bandwidth (and others' time) forwarding, asking about or
opining about a hoax spam.  Use it early and often.

For more info about detecting, reporting and avoiding spam of all
kinds, go to google.com and enter the words [spam resources] (without
the brackets!) in the search field.  You'll get links to numerous
useful and informative sites.

Sadly, these days almost every unsolicited message one receives by
e-mail is spam of some kind (hoax, scam, worm/virus attack if there's
an attachment, or just plain spam).  

Another quick tip:  never, never *ever* send mail to an address or
click on a web link that claims to be provided for getting off the
spammer's mailing list.  That's how they know they've got a "live one."

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