Strange letter from Nigeria

Ute Bohnsack sustag at
Tue Oct 23 14:27:08 EDT 2001

Many thanks to all those who have replied so quickly. 
I have also received a private reply from another list subscriber. 
It seems to be clear now, especially judging from Jerome's reply that this a
rather elaborate scam. My suspicions appear to have been justified.
One of the giveaways are all the spelling mistakes, apparently Nigerians place a
high emphasis on literacy and presentation. 
I have been abvised to hand the mail over to the police and I will probably do
just that.

Thanks again,

Lsmitholy at wrote:
> I've seen many scams come out of Africa, mostly trying to get your money.
>  Usually they tell a story of political turmoil and imminent threat to their
> lives in order to get you to send money to a European account and then they
> promise you more money in return for your efforts.
> I imagine that scam has run its course, and they've had to get sneakier.  I
> imagine a request for money would be the next step in their communication with
> you.
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