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Mon Oct 22 07:31:17 EDT 2001

huh? Where in the world did this come from?

georg parlow wrote:
> > worked on the Horseradish processing line for 18 years and NEVER has a
> > cold.
> dunno about horseradish as a preventive, but being european i am familiar
> with treating all sorts of things with stuffed head (cold, sinusitis, etc)
> with horseradish - dont even need to eat it (though this is good for
> prolonged relief), just sniff it - but be careful! might otherwise feel as
> if it burns your brains out. and swooosh - head is free and open again!
> and the stuff grows like a weed, can be grown next to everywhere, and is so
> perennial you will never again get rid of it; spring-growth is nice and
> pungent in salads, it feeds butterly-worms (for beauty) and snails (for
> beauty, food and preying on slug-eggs), and it is said to make i good
> companion for potatoes (on the corners of the patch), though i havent tried
> this one.
> my favorit horseradish recipe in spring is: lettuce or other leafy salad,
> hardboiled eggs in quarters, and a pretty greasy dressing (mayo is nice)
> with loads of finely grated horesradish - and dont forget to serve it with
> real bread and a big handkerchief, for it will make everyones nose run
> freely.
> and my favorite for wintertime: get some medium bread (neither the airy
> stuff nor kind with unground kernels in it), best if a bit stale, and fry it
> in oil till brown and crisp - and then rub peeled garlic gloves on one or
> both sides (it is like a file, making rubing easy), to make it as hot as you
> enjoy it. goes nice with all sorts of salads or vegies. - well, wasnt about
> horesradish, but is nice and healthy anyways.
> happy growing
> georg
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