Harold Waldock haroldw at
Fri Oct 19 18:43:34 EDT 2001

Cheers to Kieth:
Thanks for original self help information.
Thanks as it is generally useful information terrorists or not and
It makes a great list for planting for people too.
3 cheers for you
Bless You,

BTW Garlic has been scientifically tested ie double blind,large sample size
etc and is considered effective against colds. (Reduction of frequency,
intensity and length)

Could others continue develop this thread a little more?

It's cold & flue season again and my 94 year old grandmother just came down
with a cold as did my 5 year old nephew etc etc.

Is there a compendium that is up to date that serves as a guide to these
plants & their properties on a home grow and home use basis? Some of those
pills are expensive.

Yep, with the colds going around I am now "Garlic Dragon breath" mixing my
chopped garlic with a spoonful of honey...

Harold Waldock
Vancouver Permaculture Network

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