ana babic katerina at
Fri Oct 19 11:42:29 EDT 2001

.. and so we all continue to thrive by sharing information. thank you for the dose
of homeopathy!
.. permaculture too, begins in the heart  :->

btw, i am katerina, new to this forum. my husband and i just acquired
10 wonderful acres of desert dry land in new mexico, elevation 6500 ft.
we are studying the land, studying the principles,
feeling our way into new and exciting territory. we still live 2 hours away,
but plan to slowly start building ourselves a small strawbale house plus
permaculture farm there, one bale at a time ..)
for now, the formerly heavily overgrazed land grows rich junipers and
various cacti (still to be identified) inmidst surviving native grasses.
there is a small seasonal arroyo running through the land.
approx. annual percipitation, 12 in.

the global scope/outreach of this forum is exciting.
if there are sites, sounds, and sources you would like to share,
we are grateful sponges.


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