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>Hi Y'all,
>My naturopathic MD sent me the following. Read it carefully. It could
>save your life.
>(Please excuse cross-posting)
>The following info should be read and saved for possible future use when
>and if necessary ( Heaven help us if this info is needed in an


A friend sent me the following info in email recently on a homeopathic
remedy for anthrax:

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>Subject: Anthrax -A promising solution
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>Hello everybody,
>      As you know,   US and Britain are under attack of Anthrax .I have 
>some promising solutions to prevent the spread of this lethal disease.I am 
>lover of Homoeopathic system of medicine and conducting research on 
>Agrohomoeopathy i.e. use of Homoeopathy in Agriculture.In this system ,a 
>drug called ANTHRACINUM is used to PREVENT the Anthrax.This drug is a 
>nosode and prepared from the poison of Anthrax.Use of Anthracinum (as 
>preventive) in Anthrax infested areas can save the lives of thousands of 
>unaffected peoples.I want to convey this message to US 
>government.Homoeopathy is the system of medicine originated from Germany.US 
>government can take the help of Homoeopaths  to deal with this problem.I am 
>sorry to use this forum for unrelated matter but I have found no way to 
>communicate my message to US government.Please help me and try to convey 
>this message to related authorities.
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>Americans have grown so accustomed to relying upon prescription
>medications that they will probably have difficulty believing there are
>natural compounds as close as the kitchen cupboard that are potent
>antidotes against biological warfare. These natural antibiotics and
>antioxidants may give unvaccinated people who have been exposed to
>biological or chemical weapons enough time to secure professional care.
>They may even save lives.
>It is a fact that chaotic events will make it difficult to obtain
>appropriate treatment even if it were available. So we must learn more
>about natural antidotes. Furthermore, it is clear that antidotes to
>biological attacks need to be employed at home or the workplace in an
>expedient manner.
>The idea of the masses running to obtain medical care or vaccines at
>doctor's offices, clinics or hospitals needs to be abandoned if civilian
>defense against biological weapons is to become a reality.
>Since anthrax is the most feared toxin it will be addressed first. The
>Garlic Information Center in Britain indicates that deadly anthrax is
>most susceptible to garlic. Garlic is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that
>even blocks toxin production by germs. [Journal Nutrition, March 2001]
>Before vaccines were developed against polio, garlic was used
>successfully as a prophylactic.  In one test garlic was found to be a
>more potent antibiotic than penicillin, ampicillin, doxycycline,
>streptomycin and cephalexin, some of the very same antibiotic drugs used
>in the treatment of anthrax.
>Garlic was found to be effective against nine strains of E. coli, Staph
>and other bugs. [Fitoterapia, Volume 5, 1984] Freshly cut cloves of
>garlic or garlic powder may be beneficial.
>The antibiotic activity of one milligram of allicin, the active
>ingredient in garlic, equals 15 units of penicillin. [Koch and Lawson,
>Garlic: The Science and Therapeutic Application, 2nd edition, Williams &
>Wilkins, Baltimore 1996]   Garlic capsules that certify their allicin
>content are preferred and may provide 5-10 milligrams of allicin, which
>is equivalent to 75-150 units of penicillin.
>The anthrax bacterium's toxicity emanates from its ability to kill
>macrophage cells which are part of the immune system. Studies have shown
>that sulfur-bearing antioxidants (alpha lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine,
>taurine) and vitamin C, which elevate levels of glutathione, a natural
>antioxidant within the body, counters the toxicity produced by anthrax.
>[Molecular Medicine, November 1994; Immunopharmacology, January 2000;
>Applied Environmental Microbiology, May 1979]
>The above sulfur compounds can be obtained from health food stores and
>taken in doses ranging from 100-500 mg. Vitamin C should be the buffered
>alkaline form (mineral ascorbates) rather than the acidic form (ascorbic
>acid) and should be combined with bioflavonoids which prolong vitamin
>C's action in the blood circulation. The powdered form of vitamin C is
>recommended to achieve optimal dosing. A tablespoon of vitamin C powder
>(about 10,000 mgs) can be added to juice. Good products are Twinlab's
>Super Ascorbate C powder and Alacer's powdered vitamin C.
>Melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone available at most health food
>stores, has been shown to help prevent lethal toxins from anthrax
>exposure. [Cell Biology Toxicology, Volume 16, 2000] It could be taken
>at bedtime in doses ranging from 5-20 mg. Melatonin boosts glutathione
>levels during sleep.
>Of additional interest, one of the methods by which mustard gas works
>is its ability to bring about cell death by depleting cell levels of
>glutathione eMedicine Journal, April 9, 2001] So glutathione is also an
>antidote for mustard gas poisoning.
>Virtually all bacteria, viruses and fungi depend upon iron as a growth
>factor. [Iron & Your Health, T.F. Emery, CRC Press, 1991] Iron-chelating
>(removing) drugs and antibiotics (Adriamycin, Vancomycin, others) are
>effective against pathogens. The plague (Yersinia pestis), botulism,
>smallpox and anthrax could all be potentially treated with
>non-prescription metal-binding chelators. For example, iron removal
>retards the growth of the plague. [Medical Hypotheses, January 1980] The
>biological activity of the botulinum toxin depends upon iron, and metal
>chelators may be beneficial.
>Infection Immunology, October 1989, Toxicon, July, 1997].
>Phytic acid (IP6), derived as an extract from rice bran, is the most
>potent natural iron chelator and has strong antibiotic and antioxidant
>action. [Free Radical Biology Medicine, Volume 8, 1990; Journal
>Biological Chemistry, August 25, 1987] IP6 has been found to have
>similar | iron-chelating properties as desferrioxamine, a drug commonly
>used to kill germs, tumor cells or to remove undesirable minerals from
>the body. [Biochemistry Journal, September 15, 1993] IP6 rice bran
>extract (2000-4000 mg) should be taken in between meals with filtered or
>bottled water only (no juice).
>The antibacterial, antiseptic action of plant oils has been described in
>recent medical literature and may be helpful in fighting biological
>toxins. [Journal Applied Microbiology, Volume 88, 2000]  A potent
>natural antibiotic, more powerful than many prescription antibiotics, is
>oil of oregano. One study showed that oregano completely inhibited the
>growth of 25 germs such as Staphylococcus aureas, Escherichia coli,
>Yersinia enterocolitica and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. [Journal Food
>Protection, July 2001] Oregano has been shown to be effective in
>eradicating intestinal parasites in humans. [Phytotherapy Research, May
>2000] Wild oregano, which is quite different than the variety on most
>kitchen spice racks, has over 50 antibacterial compounds. Just one part
>wild oregano oil in 4000 dilution sterilizes contaminated water. [London
>Times, May 8, 2001]
>Oregano powder from whole leaf oregano is available as OregamaxTM
>capsules  (North American Herb & Spice Co.). A spectacular development
>in natural antibiotic therapy is the manufacture of oregano powder from
>100% pure oregano oil, producing one of the most potent antibiotics
>known. It has recently become available under the trade name OregacinTM
>(North American Herb & Spice Co.). It costs about $1 per pill, but this
>is a far cry from the $16 per pill for Vancomycin, known as most potent
>prescription antibiotic.
>Nature also provides nerve gas antitoxins. Nerve gas interrupts the
>normal transmission of nerve impulses by altering levels of
>acetycholinesterase, the enzyme that degrades the nerve transmitter
>acetycholine. Huperzine A, a derivative of Chinese club moss, has been
>suggested as a pre-treatment against nerve gases. [Annals Pharmacology
>France, January 2000] The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
>conducted studies which revealed that huperzine A protects against nerve
>gas poisoning in a superior manner to physostigmine, a long-standing
>anti-nerve toxin.drug. [Defense Technical Information Center Review,
>Volume 2, December 1996] Huperzine A is available as a food supplement
>at most health food stores. Suggested dosage is 150 mcg per day.
>Pretreatment is advised prior to nerve gas exposure.
>SUMMARY.  The threat of biological warfare is real and concern over
>preparedness of the civilian population and medical professionals is
>growing. There is virtually no practical way that vaccines, antibiotics
>or other treatment can be delivered to a frightened populace in a timely
>manner during a crisis.  The current strategy of having an unprotected
>citizenry travel to physicians' offices or hospitals to receive
>prophylactic care or treatment is unfeasible. The public must be armed
>with preventive or therapeutic agents in their vehicles, homes and the
>workplace. Natural antibiotics and antitoxins are well documented in the
>medical literature, but overlooked by health authorities. These
>antidotes are readily available for the public to acquire and place in
>an emergency biological response kit.
>Last portion of article by Bill Sardi
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