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Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 18 20:20:26 EDT 2001

Please reply to Manny if you can link him to Permaculture contacts in or near the Phillipines.

Manny Sayson wrote:

> I am representing Sustainable Paths or Poverty Alleviation through Partnership in Sustainable Development, a not for profit organization promoting partnership between the government and
> indigents in the increasingly becomming popular area of agri-tourism and eco-village development.
> We are now on our way of attracting wide support to our project that we are looking for generous experts in the field of permaculture to be part of our official list of consultants.
> Most of us belongs to the poorest of the population that We would like to appeal for your assistance whether you could refer to us some experts on this area, initially in a volunteer basis.
> We feel we have a very good program and we expect to generate funds
> after three to four months and would gladly provide some honorarium at that time.
> I am praying that our Lord could look down upon us with favor so
> as to provide as with the needed guidance in this hard period of starting -up.
> However, whatever the outcome of this plea, we would like to thank
> you for your time in reading our letter.
> And please keep up the good work
> Best regards,
> Manuel Sayson
> Chairman
> Sustainable Paths
> Pangasinan, Philippines

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