Marshall Plan/Afghanistan...

Rex Teague DibbleGardens at
Tue Oct 16 17:58:20 EDT 2001

On 16 Oct 01, Claude  Genest wrote: 

> Thanks for the input ! I followed the links and have read most of the
> stuff - Wow ! exactly what I needed to learn at this stage in my
> development.

Glad to be of service. 8-) 

A couple of additions to what I previously wrote: 

> > Charles Walters spends most of his latest 'Newsletter' (Acres USA
> > October 2001) debunking the same myth in his continual quest to
> > get the 'parity' message across. develops the parity message... so 
far I don't fully understand it. <8-) 

> > pps: Who's behind the Worldwatch Institute??

A Google search shows:
1. A large portion of their budget is funded by the major USA 
2. WWI is categorised as a 'progressive' think-tank, one of the many 
politically centre-right think-tanks regularly cited by the 'media'. 

Cheers... Rex

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