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> That is understandable. My observation of North Americans (this is
> simply an
> observation, a generalisation - not a criticism) is that they react
> to
> stressful events of this magnitude with public displays of emotion
> (as do
> some other cultures) and by applying pressure on their government to
> take
> immediate, rather than delayed and considered, action.

Personally, I blame American commercial television, which promotes
simple, quick solutions to all of life's problems...both in the
programs themselves, where everything has to be resolved by the final
commercial, and through the commercials themselves, which reassure us
that if we only spend enough money on their products, all of our
problems will solve themselves.

Not only that, but since all of our media is corporate-owned, there is
a dearth of stories that would reflect badly on those same
corporations, and a corresponding lack of depth in our investigative
reporting.  That, and reporting world news hasn't been profitable, so
overseas staffs have been cut and cut again over the years.

ObPc: This is probably why Pc and even organic farming is such a hard
sell in many places, because it doesn't result in immediate
gratification.  And since it's hard for big companies to make a profit
on it...coverage of Pc gets discouraged.

I'm not sure what to do about this, or how to create "invisible
structures" of mass communication to help...but that's part of how I
see the problem/opportunity.

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