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Mon Oct 15 09:11:58 EDT 2001

Sorry Claude the article rattles my sensibilities to kingdom come! 8<] 

On 14 Oct 01, Claude  Genest wrote:
> A New Marshall Plan?
> Advancing Human Security and Controlling Terrorism
> By Dick Bell & Michael Renner - Worldwatch Institute

JohnS shot a few holes in the mythical premises of the spiel. Charles 
Walters spends most of his latest 'Newsletter' (Acres USA October 
2001) debunking the same myth in his continual quest to get the 
'parity' message across.

Mollison alluded to the problem in his Schumacher Lecture many 
years ago. Margrit Kennedy (German Permaculturalist, etc) has been 
hammering the myth of faulty economics for ever:

I heard Michael Rowbotham speak during his recent visit to New 
Zealand, his progress has been from environmental conservation to 
financial reformer. is a easy backgrounder that 
covers the topic very nicely. For a fuller picture hunt out Thomas 
Robertson's 'Human Ecology' an obscure but brilliant book imo. It is in 
the American library system or

Cheers... Rex

ps: I have no capacity for rational debate (besides I'm extremely 
slow at a keyboard) so don't expect much more from me. Either my 
theme resonates or not... check the first paragraph at:

pps: Who's behind the Worldwatch Institute??

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