Buckwheat harvesting ?

Roger W. Greene Jr. envirochef at acadia.net
Thu May 31 18:00:05 EDT 2001

I have grown a lot of "micro-greens" on a commercial level. I assume you are
going to cnusme these in a salad -like manner?
I would cut them just as they get "true" leaves and before they get too
tough. Try them out every day or so and see how they taste. I would cut them
abouot half way between the soil and the leaves.
Good Luck!
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> Hi
> Maybe a dumb question - I'm growing Buckwheat in a small tray - for
> "clipping" but I'm unclear as to what and when I clip - do I trim down to
> soil level, or just the leaves, and after what period - the stalks are
> turning from red to green.
> After clipping do the seeds keep putting up new growth?
> - Mitra
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