Badtrans virus on the list (really, not a hoax or secondhand)

Loren Davidson lorenstwin at
Wed May 30 12:12:00 EDT 2001

I just got two messages from PINC's email address, in what looked like
responses to mail I sent to the list yesterday.  Both of them had file
attachments that scanned as containing the badtrans virus, quoted parts
of the message it was replying to, and added the phrase "Please see to
the attachment".

Don't open attachments, even from people you know, without scanning
them.  Don't open attachments with the file extension .pif.  This is
less of a problem for UNIX and Mac users than Windows users, but can
still be annoying.  I'm normally suspicious, and this one might have
gotten me if I hadn't scanned the attachment first.  I almost didn't
this one time.

Please don't forward this message off the list.  I don't usually send
virus warnings - everybody sends 'em, and many of them are hoaxes - but
this one is being propagated as a result of posts to the list.

I sent a private note to Penny suggesting she get her computer scanned
and disinfected.


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