Dummies guide to viruses

Mitra mitra_lists at earth.path.net
Wed May 23 19:49:57 EDT 2001

Good point - and notice that Brett brettinspect at iquest.net  is infected 
with a virus which sends out files called PICS.ZIP.SCR

If you ignore the instructions I sent, and click on that file, you will be 

- Mitra

At 09:33 AM 5/23/2001 +0100, Richard Morris wrote:
> > From: Mitra <mitra_lists at earth.path.net>
> >
> > I'm a techie, on all these non-techie lists, I guess its time to write
> > something useful to repay all the good advice I've received ...
> >
> > In particular do NOT EVER OPEN ANYTHING ENDING IN .EXE .VBS or .SCR  these
> > are really commonly used for viruses. There have been programs sent around
> > as one of these which trashed systems but just looked like something fun.
>Another one to watch for is .PIF which is something like Program
>File, basically a program in disguise. Quite a common extension for
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