Courses / Certification?

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Hi Carol,

Where are you writing from?

Southern Cross Permaculture Institute
Victoria, Australia

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> Hello.  I'm new here.
> When investigating the posts about the Permaculture Credit union, I found
this in the
> FAQ:
> Q. Can anyone become a member of the
> Permaculture Credit Union?
> A. Yes, as long as you are in the "field of membership"
> of the Permaculture Credit Union. Our field of
> membership includes those persons who have completed
> a Permaculture recognized design course, are members
> of an affiliated Permaculture Institute and/or subscribe to
> the ethics of Permaculture.
> This, of course, led me to wonder where I could find a Permaculture
recognized design
> course or an affiliated Permaculture Institute...
> Perhaps, really, what I'm looking for is a Dummy's guide to Permaculture.
I'm at the
> fact-finding stage as far as permaculture is concerned.  I figure I'm
doing pretty
> well; I found this list.  May I please have some advice on where to go
from here?
> Thanks for all your knowledge and experience.
> -Carol the newbie.
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