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On Tue, 01 May 2001 18:55:18 -0700, Toby Hemenway
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>Anyone who feels like walking into a bookstore or two and asking if they are
>going to order or carry Gaia's Garden (available in June) and urging them to
>check it out would be doing me (and hopefully permaculture) an immense

I'll call Barnes & Noble at New Hope Commons, Durham, NC, USA tomorrow
and ask/urge them to get it for me/carry it on their shelves. I'll
also add a link to it at the Chelsea Green website in my permaculture
webpage (700,000 hits on EcoLandTech last month - so, hopefully
this link will do you some good.)

Congratulations on the publication of this especially fine and useful
book; I am looking forward to reading it. There is much
urban/surburban permaculture going on in NC these days, especially in
Greensboro NC.


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