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Fri Mar 30 14:06:16 EST 2001

Yaya Balinci wrote:

> Theory or truth?:
> 100' of dropping water through a 1" pipe creates enough electricity for
> several people.
> Water hits a disc of wood/metal/plastic and spins it to generate the
> electicity?
> Has anyone heard of this skill/technique?
> Michael Hollihn,
> Sustainable Forest-Farm-Garden Design
> Ecosystem Mapping For Sustainable Production of foods and building
> materials,

Truth, you are probably referring to a Pelton Wheel generator.
Water is forced through a small nozzle where, upon exiting the nozzle it strikes
small cups (usually 4) that are mounted on arms on an axle that is connected to a
small generator. If you imagine a wind anemometer, you'll get the picture.
I am away from my references sources, but I believe that you do not need 100' of head
to run a pelton wheel.
Check the Real Goods catalog.
Vint Lawrence

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