Snow drift question....

Robert Jensen robertscroft at
Thu Mar 29 21:17:21 EST 2001

Maybe you could erect a temporary snow fence each winter in the lake???

If you could do that you would have no problems with the run off.

Would the local authorities allow it??

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>Subject: Re: Snow drift question....
>Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 09:39:24 -0500
>Thnaks for the input on my question.
>Attached are illustrations showing that even a well designed "living snow
>fence" ( I.e. one that lifts and sifts the wind) is going to deposit  quite
>a load on its leeward side.
>So, even though there are many  benefits to recommend it, looks like the
>needs of the car/road will once again take precedence over everything else.
>.....That doesn't mean I ain't gonna try though :-)
><< snowfence >>
><< snowfence1 >>
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