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>> Key problem with composting buckets of urine saturated sawdust is the
>> excess liquid,  compacting potential and resulting anaerobic conditions.
>> Compost bay has a 30-40 cm dry straw base to absorb liquid and the urinal
>> sawdust is alternated with thin layers of dry straw for aeration - works
>> well.
>> Robyn
>does this mean that you wait fully composting of the sawdust-urine mixture 
>using it?
yes, it makes fantastic compost and I also use it in potting mix
>Could it be an idea to use the mix as mulch? smell?
Sawdust takes a lot of nitrogen to break down, thus sawdust & nitrogen 
are a perfect combo
It can be smelly when fresh and my garden is open to the public (over 
1000 visitors a year) so I'm very mindful of what I do & use as I don't 
want to put people off unecessarily
>I currently use urine or urine mixed with water as a liquid fetilizer or 
>pee direct to the trees.
Citrus trees particularly enjoy some direct urine - even so I'm cautious 
about having high nitrogen concentrations around in any one spot - too 
much ammonia triggers nitrogen-specific bacteria to break it down into 
soluble nitrates which upsets soil chemistry quite seriously when they 
(nitrates) occur in excess of trace element amounts

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