Snow drift question....

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Tue Mar 27 21:51:38 EST 2001

Listen to the old timer, he is right.    A hedge will behave in a similar 
way to an orange plastic snow fence.

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>Subject: Snow drift question....
>Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 18:29:59 -0500
>Hi All,
>I'm wanting to put in a fedge on my lakefront property principally to act 
>a wind/snowbreak and to help with erosion.
>However, because the town road runs right alongside the lakefront, they
>technically "own" it and I need their permission.
>An old timer whose opinion I respect tells me that a "snowfence"  causes
>snowdrifting on its leeward side which in this case will be the road.
>  Therefore he says, I will actually make matters worse, at least from the
>p.o.v. of plowing the snow off the road. Far better he says to keep it open
>and let the wind blow the snow off the road
>Any comments/ideas on how I can more effectively design my plantings? any
>info. that would convince the old-timer ?
>One clue: The old-timer tells me that the drifting he has witnessed was 
>a three-foot high orange plastic snow fence which I'm thinking behaves 
>differently than a (mature) planted fedge (?)
>Thanks in advance for your input.
>Claude in Vermont
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