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Tue Mar 27 20:34:27 EST 2001

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<could anyone recommend an online source for red wigglers that is both
dependable &  reasonably priced for an article we are putting on about vermiculture? 

miekal >

Well, this is an ideal question for my return to the best darn permaculture
list I've found. (Thank you Lawrence "Bodhisatva" London!)

Ecospirit, a California NonProfit Corporation dedicated to earth care ethics
has bought "Flying Heart Worm Farms" of Ojai California. Distribution of worms
and castings are to be done locally by bicycle trailer and NATIONALLY by
overnight delivery. It is run by members of the South Coast Permaculture

Send a message to andrea at for costs and shipment schedules. I know
that now is the time to order, because red wigglers are available (whereas
they might be sold out by late May)

Ecospirit's initial"placemarker" website is at, and a secure
transaction website will be in place for Flying Heart Farms soon. 

Thanks everyone, and we'd appreciate your business, as we hope to serve the
Permaculture Nation.

Akiva Werbalowsky
Board Member

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