Snow drift question....

Claude Genest genest at
Tue Mar 27 18:29:59 EST 2001

Hi All,

I'm wanting to put in a fedge on my lakefront property principally to act as
a wind/snowbreak and to help with erosion.

However, because the town road runs right alongside the lakefront, they
technically "own" it and I need their permission.

An old timer whose opinion I respect tells me that a "snowfence"  causes
snowdrifting on its leeward side which in this case will be the road.

 Therefore he says, I will actually make matters worse, at least from the
p.o.v. of plowing the snow off the road. Far better he says to keep it open
and let the wind blow the snow off the road

Any comments/ideas on how I can more effectively design my plantings? any
info. that would convince the old-timer ?

One clue: The old-timer tells me that the drifting he has witnessed was over
a three-foot high orange plastic snow fence which I'm thinking behaves quite
differently than a (mature) planted fedge (?)

Thanks in advance for your input.

Claude in Vermont

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