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Graham Burnett gb0063551 at cableinet.co.uk
Thu Mar 22 17:45:31 EST 2001

Hi Stef- this appeared on the UK list today- of interest/use? seems the
canaries is where it's all at at the moment!


(PS have also forwarded to the international PC list- nb, please respond to
Argayall mailto:ARGAYALL at santandersupernet.com , not me! Ta)

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> Subject: request
> Hello,
> i would like to know, if you could be the right adress if we are
> looking for a gardener and a garden leader for our community
> in the canary islands (la gomera)
> Do you have any possibility to spread informations to skilled people
> or something like a forum or a blackboard?
> Would be kind to get a response.
> Greetings
> Argayall
> Rishi
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