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Is there anybody out there???...
... passionately into permaculture, working with people and being part of a team bringing this piece of paradise into its full potential...

Djanbung Gardens is at the hub of one of permaculture¹s most exciting projects, ajoining Jarlanbah permaculture community and a 45 acre Eco-village site on the edge of Nimbin Village in the subtropics of Northern NSW.

Djanbung Gardens is already quite established as a permaculture demonstration site and education centre, complete with all planning approvals for public events, commercial kitchen, training centre, office and some accommodation. 

Over 1,000 visitors a year come here to see the gardens, participate in events, courses and workshops.

There are several fledgling businesses including resource retail centre, nursery, garden tours, canteen/catering, value added production, plus the education and consulting activities. The facilities fulfill the requirements to become a Registered Training Organisation and pursue full accreditation of courses and training programmes with State and national government accreditation authorities.

The potential is huge and needs a dedicated core team of multi-skilled permies living on site to bring the vision into its fullness. 

At present it is too much for one woman alone to manage - it was always envisaged as a small residential community but the partnership that existed in the establishment years proved counter-productive in that respect. This partnership ended in November last year and now the opportunity is open for others to join in.

Want to know more? 

Please contact Robyn Francis:
Ph 02-6689 1755
permed at nor.com.au
and check out the web site on

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