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Thu Mar 22 20:03:38 EST 2001

Re:  urine in sawdust

>Toby Hemenway, wrote:  I prefer
>using fine shavings unless I can get coarse sawdust, because the sawdust
>from all but the big mill saws is too fine, and often packs down into a
>gooey, anaerobic lump that gets really foul in the center and is hard to
>spread out evenly in a compost pile.

We have a sawdust-composting urinal here at Djanbung Gardens - actually 
got Council approval to set it up for the Australasian PC Convergence 
held here 4 years ago & has been in operation since. The approval was 
given mainly on the basis of the dedicated composting system I designed 
for it. 
Key problem with composting buckets of urine saturated sawdust is the 
excess liquid,  compacting potential and resulting anaerobic conditions. 
Compost bay has a 30-40 cm dry straw base to absorb liquid and the urinal 
sawdust is alternated with thin layers of dry straw for aeration - works 

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