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Thu Mar 22 06:20:35 EST 2001

>Gday all
>I may be going to South Korea in june, and i am looking for 
>permaculture or similar projects to visit and/or work at. So if 
>anyone knows of any or knows any one who might please let me know.

Please connect with the movement known as 'Korean Natural Farming.' 
there are supposedly 400+ small farms in this movement. This is a 
philosopical/biological movement. I believe it is the source of the 
"US" EM movement, but it is more 'organic.' There is a book in 
English out now with the same title. (This was once called 'kim chi 
farming.' ) I believe Mollison has devoted much space to these 
ag-fermentation ideas in the new (not yet printed) edition of 

Are you going to have email while you're in Korea?

-Allan Balliett

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