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>>   >Try "Hand's On Agronomy" by Neal Kinsey, the US "Albrecht" Agronomist
>>Do you know of a ready source for this book? Is it one of the ACRES,
>>USA publications?
>It is an ACRES book. Contact info: www.acresusa.com -Allan


>Which reminds me: I'm setting up new fields in the mid-Atlantic 
>regions. I've been reading Gary Zimmer's Biological Farm book and 
>getting pretty stoked on the whole "Albrecht" thing. Now experienced 
>local growers are telling me that 'Albrecht' works for mid-Western 
>soils, but just isn't 'magick' here on the East Coast. (On the most 
>simple level, this means that there's no reason to add lime beyond 
>balancing the pH.)
Why would anyone want to add more lime that that needed to adjust pH?
Not to say that you wouldn't want to add large quantities of other
rock powders.
>Anyone have any experience with this?
I'd like to resubscribe to the bd-now list; how is this done?
sub id would be london at ibiblio.org.
I still plan to send you a cd containing old bd list archives if you
still want them. Am getting real interested in Hugh Lovel's
work in BD and have begun archiving his writings as found in sanet:
Am also supportive of ABA and hope it succeeds. Am willing to donate
time and resources to help it along. 
biodynamics and permaculture are two peas in the same pod as I see it,
inseparable and of immense value to Earth inhabitants.

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