Plant breeding and cataloging software

Keith Johnson keithdj at
Wed Mar 21 16:05:48 EST 2001

It's already been done for you and it resides at an awesome database created by Plants
for A Future
<> The entire site is also mirrored at a
number of other sites around the world. The link above should have all the data. As
far as plant breeding, take a look at the book Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties by
Carole Deppe available from the Permaculture Activist ($28 + 10%shipping) PO Box 1209,
Black Mountain NC 28711. The PFAF folks should be able to tell you what software they
used for their database.

Sharon Gordon wrote:

> Can anyone recommend some good software for cataloging the
> characteristics of  various varieties of plants and also that would
> be helpful for plant breeding?
> Sharon
> gordonse at

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