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Keith Johnson keithdj at
Wed Mar 21 22:53:41 EST 2001

List managers,
Please remove Mr. Deming (JDeming at ) from these listservs.


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Subject: RE: FW: Notification: Inbound Mail Failure
   Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 16:17:39 -0700
   From: "Palumbo, John" <JPalumbo at>
     To: 'Keith Johnson' <keithdj at>

 Keith,    I send the e-mails because when we receive inbound failures
they come directly to me.  I can not unsubscribe the user from your
service using their e-mail because their mailbox no longer exists on our
servers -- hence the inbound mail failures.  This particular user,
JDeming at is more than likely a member of your "Pc
Envirolink" group, so when you send an e-mail to that group, JDeming is
included and when I receive the messages your e-mail address is the only
return address I have.  Sorry for any inconvenience, but unless I inform
people of inbound mail failures to our mail servers, they will and do
become overloaded.Thank you.John PalumboSystems Engineer Metro
Wastewater Reclamation Districtjpalumbo at 286-3048

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     From: Keith Johnson [mailto:keithdj at]
     Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 3:59 PM
     To: Palumbo, John
     Subject: Re: FW: Notification: Inbound Mail Failure

     I don't know why I keep getting this request from you as I
     don't even have you in my email address book.  I have
     forwarded your request to the manager of the permaculture
     email list from which you seem to be getting mail. He said he
     would take care of it.

     "Palumbo, John" wrote:

    >  Please remove JDeming at from your e-mail list
    >  as that user no longer receives e-mail at this address.
    >  Thank you
    >  John Palumbo
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    >  From: Administrator
    >  Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 1:30 PM
    >  To: Administrator
    >  Subject: Notification: Inbound Mail Failure
    >  The following recipients did not receive the attached mail.
    >  Reasons are listed with each recipient:
    >  <JDeming at> JDeming at
    >  Unknown Recipient
    >  The message that caused this notification was:
    >  o: permaculture <permaculture at>, Pc Envirolink
    >       <permaculture at>
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