home made fertilizer

igg igg at intrepid.net
Wed Mar 21 20:51:55 EST 2001

>   >Try "Hand's On Agronomy" by Neal Kinsey, the US "Albrecht" Agronomist
>Do you know of a ready source for this book? Is it one of the ACRES,
>USA publications?

It is an ACRES book. Contact info: www.acresusa.com -Allan

Which reminds me: I'm setting up new fields in the mid-Atlantic 
regions. I've been reading Gary Zimmer's Biological Farm book and 
getting pretty stoked on the whole "Albrecht" thing. Now experienced 
local growers are telling me that 'Albrecht' works for mid-Western 
soils, but just isn't 'magick' here on the East Coast. (On the most 
simple level, this means that there's no reason to add lime beyond 
balancing the pH.)

Anyone have any experience with this?

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