non-native species

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Wed Mar 21 20:49:10 EST 2001

I am an American University student, spending 4 months in Australia
studying environmental issues and sustainable agriculture. I beginning
to do a research project on the tension between conservationists and
permaculturists over the use of non-native species in permaculture. I
am wondering if you are aware of anyone who has done research on the
use of, or potential problems associated with, the use of non-native
species in permaculture systems? If you can think of any contact
information that might be helpful, or know of anything that has been
published on this subject, I would really appreciate any thoughts you
might have. I am aware that a lot of the information and opinions on
this subject are viewed as being very biased, I am looking to collect
any information on the subject, regardless of how biased, and compile
information and opinions from all sides of the issue.
Thankyou for any help or ideas you might have. Thanks for your time.
Sincerely, Hannah Hobbs

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